15 Best Keto Recipes Making You Forget You’re On a Diet!


I’m sure a lot of you have already learned about the keto diet by now, which has been becoming more popular by the minute! After all, who wouldn’t want to eat food high in fat and still lose weight? With its many health benefits and practical results, in a favorable diet, many look up to. But the question is: What else can you consume than just the usual bacon and eggs?

If you’re getting bored with the typical keto meals, try out any of these 15 best keto recipes, making you forget you’re on a diet!

15 Best Keto Recipes Making You Forget You’re On a Diet

1. Thai Chicken Noodles

Thai Chicken Noodles
Now, this is one of my favorite dishes because it reminds me of a healthier and keto-friendly Japanese resto takeout! I love its spiciness and the fact that it’s low-carb, thanks to the zucchini noodles I made using a spiralizer. And if you’re not a fan of zoodles, then no worries. Go for shirataki or miracle noodles instead!

With the extra kick of spices and delicious flavors from curry and oyster sauce, it’s a unique dish to try if you’re craving for something Asian without the guilt.

The serving comes out to be:
580 Calories
49.1g Fats
6.8g Net Carbs
25.8g Protein

Check out the recipe here

2. Brussels Sprouts Chips

Brussels Sprouts Chips
Are you hankering for a snack but still can’t find any keto-friendly chips in your local grocery? Instead, you can make your own! Brussels Sprouts don’t need to taste plain when you make them into delicious and crunchy chips without the extra calories or carbs. With the right spices and fresh Parmesan, you’re not going to stop making this as a quick snack. It’s so easy to make and uses ingredients you can find right at home.

Check out the recipe here

3. Keto Crispy Sesame Beef

Keto Crispy Sesame Beef

If you’re craving for Chinese takeout but can’t find any restaurant that serves keto-friendly versions of your favorite stir-fried beef, then this will hit the spot. Instead of rice, we use daikon noodles and fattier cuts of steak. It’s sweet, but we don’t use sugar but stevia, as well as rice wine vinegar for the mix of tangy and savory. The daikon noodles give your tender beef cuts the balanced texture and will provide you with the delicious dinner you deserve.

The serving comes out to be:
412 calories
31.3g Fats
5g Net Carbs
24.5g Protein.

Check out the recipe here

4. Loaded Cauliflower

Loaded Cauliflower

If you’re a huge fan of baked potato, I’m sure you groaned over the fact that you can’t have much of this high-carb vegetable anymore! Fortunately, you’ll still be able to get your fix with the substitution of cauliflower. Made with sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon, and butter, it’s the ultimate comfort food without any of the carbs! You can either have this for dinner, a snack or any time of the day if you’re looking for something quick and filling after a stressful time.

The serving comes out to be:
199 Calories
17g Fats
8g Protein
5g Carbs

Check out the recipe here

5. Salisbury Steak and Mushroom Gravy

Salisbury Steak and Mushroom Gravy

If you want the American classic without the carbs, then this is an amazing treat! Not only is it filling but it’s incredibly delicious, reminding you of home cooked meals back at your mom’s place. It’s no TV dinner and has the tender, juicy hamburger steak with creamy mushroom gravy. It’s not only just for keto dieters to enjoy on the dinner table but the whole family as well!

Serving Size: 1 steak & 1/3 cup gravy
Calories: 457
Fat: 34g
Carbs: 5g
Protein: 32g

Check out the recipe here

6. Quick Frittata

Quick Frittata

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a frittata is the perfect protein-packed meal that will fill you up for the whole day. What I love about this frittata is that it takes less than 15 minutes to make and can be served hot and cold using ANY leftovers you have at home, may it be cheese, bacon, or your favorite low-carb vegetables. This recipe is made with feta cheese, tomatoes, and fresh herbs for those flavors to explode and leave you wanting more.

Calories: 435
Fat: 32.6g
Carbs: 7.4g
Protein: 26.7g

Check out the recipe here

7. Fresh Tuna Salad

=Fresh Tuna Salad
If you’re looking for something healthy and quick to make without the need for an oven or stove, then you’ll love this salad. All the ingredients can be going in your home, AND it’s as filling as it is yummy. I recommend that you pair it with sliced cucumbers to replace the usual crackers and still get that nice crunch. Oh, and did I mention that it only takes less than ten minutes to do? A quick snack or lunch for those who have no time but want to make healthy choices!

Check out the recipe here

8. Cauliflower Chowder

Cauliflower Chowder
Cauliflower is known as the low-calorie ingredient that can be made into anything, may it be rice, as a stir-fry, or even as a soup.

This creamy chowder is so addictive, especially when you top it with olive oil and a ton of bacon. It’s super creamy, smooth, and great to pair with a nice meat-based dish. Plus, it’s gluten-free and has some chunky bits you can bite into for the chowderness because it’s not chowder without it!

Calories: 143
Fat: 8.4g
Carbs: 15.2g
Protein: 4.5g

Check out the recipe here

9. Avocado Greek Salad

Avocado Greek Salad
A lot of people groan over salads because of how boring it seems to be, but this Avocado Greek Salad takes that idea away and gives you a filling meal without the carbs but with fresh and healthy ingredients. It’s filled with flavor and only takes a few ingredients and ten minutes to do. When you see how easy it is to make, you’re going to want to keep having it for a quick lunch or dinner. With creamy feta cheese, avocado, and fresh vegetables drizzled with a yummy red wine vinaigrette, it’s a great way to start exploring how to make salads!

Calories: 305
Fat: 27g
Carbs: 12g
Protein: 10g

Check out the recipe here

10. Shrimp and Sausage Skillet

Shrimp and Sausage Skillet
If you want something with a mix of both protein and fat, then you have to try out this shrimp and sausage skillet. The recipe serves four people, which is fantastic to prepare for the whole family. Even if it is paleo and keto-friendly, no one will be groaning about it because of the diversity of the dish and its flavors. It comes with fresh veggies, delicious meats, and you can change it up with other vegetables and seasonings to taste amazing.

Check out the recipe here

11. Five-Minute Keto Pizza

Five-Minute Keto Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Unfortunately, there are a ton of carbs in your favorite pizza parlor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find one to satisfy your cravings. With this five-minute keto-friendly pizza, you’ll have an excellent snack for a Friday movie night. By using eggs, psyllium husk, and parmesan cheese for the pizza crust and delicious cheese with tomato sauce for toppings, you’re going to want to make a lot of this in advance!

459 Calories
35g Fats
3.5g Carbs
27g Protein

Check out the recipe here

12. Bacon Lettuce Wraps

Bacon Lettuce Wraps
I am in LOVE with these turkey and bacon lettuce wraps because it comes with the crunch and delicious bacon I want for my lunches. Layered with turkey, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, and a creamy basil-mayo dressing, these wraps will keep you coming back for seconds. It’s quick to make, and you can find the ingredients easily in your home or local market. I recommend this for a quick lunch or dinner!

Check out the recipe here

13. Matcha Cheesecake

Matcha Cheesecake
Cakes aren’t allowed when on the keto diet? Think again! With this instant matcha cheesecake recipe, you’ll be able to have your cake and eat it, too! This uses minimal sugars and high-fat ingredients like cream cheese and vanilla extract, which increase your fat intake without the excess carbs. It’s creamy, light, and the perfect dessert you and your family will enjoy.

350.33 Calories
33.24g Fats
5.81g Net Carbs
8.46g Protein

Check out the recipe here

14. Cinnamon Butter Fat Bombs

Cinnamon Butter Fat Bombs

A known ingredient to add to your keto diet would be grass-fed butter, high in fat and healthier than your typical oils. And yes, you can add this to your dessert as the main ingredient, creating indulgent bombs with a flavorful taste that has you reaching your fat intake. Prepare this as a snack or sweet ending to your meals for you AND kids to appreciate.

Check out the recipe here

15. Keto Lime Creamsicles

Keto Lime Creamsicles
And lastly, perfect for a summer snack or sweet indulgence, these creamsicles are a treat with creamy flavors that everyone will love. With a mix of coconut milk, stevia, vanilla powder, avocado, and lime juice, you have a combination of all the flavors without the added sugars.

Check out the recipe here

Wrapping It Up
Being on a keto diet doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself from your favorite dishes. With the proper substitutions and excellent recipes to experiment with, you’ll be able to enjoy food while still reaping the benefits of the low-carb diet!

I hope that these 15 best keto recipes making you forget you’re on a diet gave you an idea of what you can add to your meal plan. So don’t wait any longer and start experimenting with the diet today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your keto-friendly recipes for weight loss, then do comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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