What Is The Grapefruit Juice Diet Plan?


The grapefruit juice diet has been around since the Depression era and has long since been considered a fad diet. However, the benefits of this diet plan are debatable.

The grapefruit juice diet has roots that go all the way back the Depression era. In the past, it was traditionally known as a fad diet and mostly surrounded the celebrities of Hollywood. However, it has now become a diet that has filtered out into the public and is readily accepted as a fast-track weight loss program.

The diet boasts of up to 10 pounds of weight loss within the first two weeks; which on most accounts appears to be true. Yet the problem with this diet is that it restricts calorie intake down to just 800 calories per day; down from a nutritionally recommended 2000 calories per day diet. For the most part, that is why the grapefruit juice diet is deemed to be a fad diet.

How Grapefruit Juice Burns Fat

Grapefruit was originally thought to be a fad diet and nothing more; just a historical myth of a diet. However, recent research and evaluation has discovered the possibility that grapefruit actually does have fat burning enzymes. What this means is that when grapefruit juice is consumed with every meal, in combination with the meal plan, the enzymes in the grapefruit juice are energized to burn the fat in take in your meals and the existing fat in your body.

Advantages To The Grapefruit Juice Diet

One of the greatest things that dieters enjoy about this diet is the ability to eat meat in any way they choose; whether fried, baked, broiled or grilled. In addition, you can add on as much butter as you want because, in order to be effective, the grapefruit juice diet requires a good amount of fat.

However, it is important to keep in mind that not all types of fat, such as those found in desserts and chips, are allowable on this diet plan.

Disadvantages To The Grapefruit Juice Diet

Perhaps the greatest disadvantage of this diet is the eventual affects that it can have on your health when continued over a long period of time. Extreme nutritional loss can lead to cases of malnourishment, a weakened immune system and the offset of rapid weight gain when the diet is discontinued.

Another thing that dieters need to keep in mind with the grapefruit juice diet is that grapefruit does interact with certain medications. Medications such as antihistamines, antidepressants and cholesterol lowering drugs can be severely affected by daily consumption of grapefruit juice. In some cases, it appears as though the grapefruit juice has allowed for more absorption of certain medications; sometimes leading to overdose situations.

For people who choose to use the grapefruit juice diet, it should only be used as a way to jumpstart the dieting habit. It can and does, in most people, allow for significant weight loss in the initial periods of the diet. Likewise, it can continue to provide the benefits of weight loss if continued. But be warned, this diet can be a gateway to significant health problems.

The Grapefruit Juice Diet Plan

Here is a sample of what your daily diet plan would look like on the grapefruit juice diet:


8 oz. – unsweetened grapefruit juice

2 – eggs cooked in any fashion

2 – slices of bacon

Lunch:8 oz. – unsweetened grapefruit juice

Salad with dressing (no low-fat or reduced fat dressings)

Meat prepared anyway and as much as you want


8 oz. – unsweetened grapefruit juice

Salad with dressing (no low-fat or reduced fat dressings)

1 – portion of meat, any kind, cooked in any way

As a Snack:

8 oz. – glass of skim milk