20 Ketogenic Dinners You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less

Are you tired after a whole day of work or school? This is a common experience, but being exhausted doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your ketogenic diet. Contrary to what others believe, it is definitely possible to prepare a quick low-carb, keto-friendly dinner. If you don’t believe us, check out these 20 ketogenic dinners you can make in 30 minutes or less.

1) Chayote Chicken Noodle Soup

Chayote Chicken Noodle Soup

One of the easiest yet most delicious dinner meals you can prepare is the chayote chicken noodle soup. Just like any regular chicken noodle soup, this one has a fantastic flavor to complement its texture. You can even have this as an alternative to high-carb comfort food. Plus, this is going to be very useful if you have a cold.

Each serving packs 204 calories, with more 126 of it coming from fat alone. You’re getting 14 grams of fat compared to just three grams of net carbs. Furthermore, the chayote chicken noodle soup has decent amounts of potassium, calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C.

Check out the recipe here


2) Keto Baked Salmon with Pesto


Keto Baked Salmon with Pesto

Are you in the mood for fish? Well, this keto baked salmon with pesto will surely satisfy your cravings. You can prepare this for yourself or for your friends during a weekend staycation. Baked salmon tastes wonderful, especially with the addition of a well-prepared pesto sauce.

Each serving has a mere three grams of net carbs while having a staggering 90 grams of fat, which is 80 percent of the daily value. Plus, this salmon dish will help develop your muscles with its 49 grams of protein. Alongside the baked salmon, you can prepare some broccoli or salad greens as a side dish.

Here is a video of a keto baked salmon meal:


Check out the recipe here


3) Tuna Fish Salad

Tuna Fish Salad


Many people believe that it’s satisfying to eat salad for dinner. But with this keto-friendly recipe, we can probably change their minds. Apart from salad greens, this tuna fish salad contains fresh parsley and mint.  

Moreover, both the sliced zucchini and the pitted kalamata olives will further enhance its overall flavor — you won’t even have to use a salad dressing for this. This is good for one serving, which is perfect if you’re living solo and you don’t want to waste any food. You’ll ensure yourself of nearly 31 grams of fat and almost 42 grams of protein.

Check out the recipe here


4) Baked Halibut with Lemon and Thai Chili

Baked Halibut with Lemon and Thai Chili


If you’re not a big fan of salmon and tuna, why not have some baked halibut? This recipe will help you prepare a firm baked halibut. You can include mushrooms and leeks in this dish, or have a side of mixed greens. Preparation takes 10 minutes while cooking will last for 15 minutes. In less than half an hour, you’ll have a low-carb and high-protein dish to serve up to four people. Oh, and don’t forget to remove the small bone as you carefully cut the halibut steaks into two or four pieces.

Check out the recipe here


5) Bacon Coleslaw Stir-Fry

Bacon Coleslaw Stir-Fry


Do you want some bacon for dinner? Well, this bacon coleslaw stir-fry takes just 15 minutes to prepare. Likewise, it uses just five ingredients to reduce the items on your grocery list. Apart from the bacon strips — that’s ideally pasture-raised instead of factory-farmed — you’ll only need coconut oil, an onion, garlic cloves, coconut oil, and a ready-to-eat coleslaw mix. Cook until the bacon is crispy and stir-fry the coleslaw until it’s adequately tender.

Check out the recipe here

6) Sweet Pea Coconut Hush

Sweet Pea Coconut Hush


If you’re having steak for dinner, you can accompany it with this keto-friendly sweet pea coconut hush. Each serving only has eight grams of net carbs and a good 50.5 grams of fat. After cooking this dish, you can add any amount of salt you desire. Consequently, be mindful when you cook the pea pods. You want them hot, but not the point when they become mushy instead of crispy. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you add some honey.

Check out the recipe here


7) Garlic Butter Brazilian Steak

Garlic Butter Brazilian Steak


Speaking of steak, here’s a recipe for preparing a Brazilian-style steak meal. Even if it can easily make you full, you only need 15 minutes and seven ingredients to prepare this. In fact, this simplicity brings out a wide range of flavors.

You only need kosher salt, garlic cloves, trimmed skirt steak, ground black pepper, unsalted butter, flat-leaf parsley, and canola or vegetable oil. Let the garlic and butter cook for about four minutes in a low heat on a small skillet. As for the steak, it will take at least two minutes for each side to become medium rare with a medium-high heat setting.

Check out the recipe here


8) Blackened Salmon with Avocado Salsa

Blackened Salmon with Avocado Salsa


Here’s another quick salmon recipe, but this time with the addition of a scrumptious avocado salsa. Enough to feed four people, this dinner meal requires just five minutes of preparation and 10 minutes of cooking. A Cajun spice blend is used to season this salmon. Afterward, the salmon is turned crispy on a heavy-bottom skillet. If you don’t have any salmon, don’t worry! You can use trout or tilapia instead.

Check out the recipe here

9) Keto Chicken Enchilada Bowl

Keto Chicken Enchilada Bowl


For those who love a Mexican dinner, here’s a way to enjoy a chicken enchilada bowl without all the carbs. This meal can be prepared using a stove top to have it ready in 30 minutes, but you can also use a slow cooker or an Instant Pot if you have more time. If you prefer the last two options, you just have to put the chicken, sauce chilis, and the onions in the cooker and use a low-heat setting throughout the day.

Check out the recipe here


10) Buttered Cod in Skillet

Buttered Cod in Skillet

We’ve covered halibut, tuna, and salmon, so why not have buttered cod as well? In 10 minutes, you’ll have this buttered cod in skillet ready for dinner. The fish is tender and flavorful, especially with the application of fresh lemon juice. Go ahead and include some mixed greens, or prepare some keto-friendly bread and dip it into the butter. Just don’t forget to let the cod thaw if it’s frozen!

Check out the recipe here


11) End of Summer Salad

End of Summer Salad


Fret not, the name of this keto-friendly salad doesn’t mean you can only have this as autumn approaches! This is a salad you can have any time you want — and we’re sure you won’t get enough of it. The end of summer salad is packed not only with vegetables such as celery and cucumber but also bite-sized cooked sausages.

Check out the recipe here


12) Shrimp and Sausage Skillet

Shrimp and Sausage Skillet


We’re not done yet with ketogenic dinners having sausages, as this one combines the meat with shrimp as well. To be more specific, you’ll be having a pound of peeled and deveined shrimps! This is essentially a surf and turf dinner without all of the carbs. Furthermore, it has a lot of chopped fresh vegetables to be highly nutritious.

Check out the recipe here


13) Low Carb Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

Low Carb Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

We’ve got another 30-minute ketogenic steak recipe, this time using Salisbury steak and mushroom gravy. Up to six people can enjoy this low-carb meal. Each serving of the steak only has 2.5 grams of net carbs while providing 30 grams of protein and 24 grams of fat. Even a one-third cup of gravy is great for your diet since it already contains 10 grams of fat.

Check out the recipe here


14) Tandoori Salmon

Tandoori Salmon

And now we’re back ketogenic salmon dishes! To be specific, the tandoori salmon can be prepared in a mere 10 minutes. It’s good for a regular day or even when you have to serve a lot of guests. First, mix the spices together with the help of mustard oil. Second, put the mixture on the salmon before baking it for 10 minutes. After that, it’s time to eat!

Check out the recipe here


15) Cumin Spiced Beef Wraps

Cumin Spiced Beef Wraps

If you want a relatively spicy ketogenic dish, you can have these cumin spiced beef wraps for dinner. This is already easy to make, but you can reduce the preparation time even more by discarding the cabbage wraps. However, we recommend including some blanched cabbage leaves due to their tenderness and how convenient they are for wrapping the beef.

Check out the recipe here


16) Keto Pressure Cooker Garlic Butter Chicken

Keto Pressure Cooker Garlic Butter Chicken

For chicken lovers, we’ve got this garlic butter chicken for you. It only has three grams of carbohydrates along with 21 grams of fat and 47 grams of protein — a very good nutritional content if you’re working out. This will eat up the entire 30 minutes, but this is a fine dinner that’s good for four people.

Check out the recipe here


17) Paleo Broccoli Beef

Paleo Broccoli Beef

Here’s a dinner meal that’s perfect for a couple. It takes just 20 minutes to prepare this two-person paleo broccoli beef. Just put coconut oil into a skillet before adding several broccoli florets. Afterward, include the beef before finally adding the garlic, tamari sauce, and the ginger.

Check out the recipe here


18) Beef Satay

Beef Satay

This could have a total time of about 40 minutes, but this can be accomplished in 30 minutes since you can prepare the peanut sauce and the cucumber salad while waiting for the beef to get marinated. Each serving has 373 calories, 243 of which come from fat. Also, it only has four grams of carbohydrates.

Check out the recipe here


19) Thai Beef Lettuce Wraps

Thai Beef Lettuce Wraps

If you want lettuce instead of cabbage for wrapping the beef, this is your pick. In 30 minutes, you’ll have enough wraps to feed up to six people. After all, this meal uses two pounds of lean ground beef, which you can substitute for chicken or turkey as well. Furthermore, remember to finely chop the mint and the cilantro herbs.

Check out the recipe here


20) Chili-Roasted Chicken Thighs

Chili-Roasted Chicken Thighs

Last but definitely the least, here’s a ketogenic dinner recipe that takes a mere 20 minutes to prepare. We all love chicken, so why not use boneless thighs and give them some spice using chili powder? Ideally, you should add in some cilantro and complete your dinner with lime wedges.

Check out the recipe here

Overall, isn’t it amazing how there are so many ketogenic meals that you can have for dinner? You don’t even need to prepare a lot of ingredients or do you need to spend hours waiting for everything to be done. You can have a delicious ketogenic dinner whether you want salmon, chicken, beef, bacon, or broccoli.

We hope that our comprehensive list will help you maintain your ketogenic diet. If you have any queries, feel free to send us a comment.

The idea of preparing ketogenic dinners after such a long day working is daunting. You will get surprised with the quick recipes below only in 30 minutes or less.How to carve out time to prepare ketogenic dinners when you are mentally and physically exhausted? Spending only 30 minutes or less to prepare dinners, enjoying yourself, eating delicious meals and you will feel better.

Need some quick, easy and delicious keto recipes for dinners? Here are the list of 20 ketogenic dinners in 30 minutes or less.

How to make dinner time more happy, satisfying and fulfilling, especially when you are on the keto diet? All these dinner recipes below provide proper solutions for you.

Preparing low-carb dinners after a long working day might seem impossible. These ketogenic dinners ideas within 30 minutes or less will turn everything into possible.

The most common problem for keto beginners might relate to dinner ideas. For those who are stuck with what to cook tonight, these ketogenic recipes below worth trying.

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