10 Low Carb Keto Hamburger Bun Recipes To Remove The Need For Lettuce Wraps


Everyone’s pretty much had a hamburger at one point in their life. Whether you get burgers at your favorite fast food joint or make them during your weekend grilling sessions, hamburgers are a mainstay in people’s favorite foods.

However, the problem is that hamburger buns are typically high in carbs—something you don’t want if you’re on a keto diet. Thankfully for you, we’ve come up with 10 low carb keto hamburger bun recipes.

1. Low-Carb Almond Hamburger Buns

Low-Carb Almond Hamburger Buns

Worried about a high carb count? Well, almond flour can surely fix that. It might not be your wheat-based ingredient, but it can capably replicate the flavor and texture of regular hamburger bun. Oh, and did we mention that it takes just 20 minutes to prepare these?

Good for three people, these hamburger buns are ideal for your next breakfast. All in all, you’ll need just five ingredients: large eggs, unsalted butter, baking powder, Splenda, and the aforementioned flour. You can even skip on using Splenda to reduce the carb count.

Check out the full recipe here

2. Quick Low-Carb Buns

Quick Low-Carb Buns

This is a keto-friendly hamburger bun recipe that’s good for one person, but you can create up to four buns in a sizable bowl as well. Furthermore, you can make sandwich buns and toast using the same recipe.

Each serving packs only 200 calories, but 144 of them come from fat. Likewise, there are 16g fat, 10g protein, and a mere 3g of net carbs. You even get three grams of dietary fiber to help with digestion!

Check out the full recipe here

3. Gluten-Free Ultimate Keto Buns

Gluten-Free Ultimate Keto Buns

Apart from the blanched almond flour, these keto buns are also made of four eggs. If you want relatively thin hamburger buns, you can place these eggs into six pieces of silicone molds. Otherwise, you can use just four molds.

The resulting bun does have a slight taste of eggs, but you can solve this by adding some rosemary, sesame seeds, and onion flakes. Each serving has 20.82g fat, 8.45g protein, and a mere 3.9g total carbs.

Check out the full recipe here

4. Keto Low Carb Hamburger Buns

Keto Low Carb Hamburger Buns

Who said you need to enjoy your beef patties without the buns? This is a recipe that will delight people on a paleo or ketogenic diet. The total preparation time is just 35 minutes — after which you’ll have 12 buns for your family and friends.

Every serving contains 198 calories,17g fat, 6g fiber, 8g protein, and just 2g net carbs. It takes 30 minutes for the edges to turn brown. Also, let the buns stay for 10 to 15 minutes in the pan after baking.

Here’s a video of making keto buns:

Check out the full recipe here

5. Keto Cloud Bread

Keto Cloud Bread


Do these look like pancakes to you? Well, they are actually very light and fluffy hamburger buns. Making this is pretty easy, but the whole process must be done quickly to maintain the fluffiness. In 20 minutes, you should have eight slices ready to be served.

Consequently, each serving packs 122 calories, 7g protein, 10g fats, and a single gram of net carbs. When you use the eggs, do remove the yolks and place the whites in a bowl. Try using an electric mixer to efficiently whisk the eggs.

Check out the full recipe here

6. Low-Carb Hamburger Buns

Low-Carb Hamburger Buns

This keto-friendly dough recipe has been used not only for making low-carb buns but also bagels, pizza crusts, and hot pockets. You’ll have servings of these in more or less 20 minutes. Also, you can prepare them in advance and store them in the fridge.

In addition, these hamburger buns benefit a lot from the mozzarella cheese and the almond flour. This doesn’t quickly fall apart unlike other buns while retaining a spectacular taste. Each serving has 25g fat, 14g protein, and just 4g net carbs.

Check out the full recipe here

7. Low-Carb Microwave Hamburger Bun

Low-Carb Microwave Hamburger Bun

These buns might have an unusual taste for you, that’s probably due to the psyllium husk. Then again, they will taste great once you add in the beef patties. If you don’t like this uncommon taste, you can cover it by adding in some oregano, paprika, cumin, or curry spice.

Moreover, it’s entirely up to you whether you use almond meal or blanched almond flour. The former results to a relatively dark-colored bun while the latter leads to a lighter one. Every serving has 248 calories, nearly 8g protein, almost 20g fats, and just 3g net carbs.

Check out the full recipe here

8) Low-Carb Bread Bun

Low-Carb Bread Bun

What’s amazing about this recipe is how it uses egg whites but it doesn’t have that largely eggy flavor. These keto buns feel light and have a wonderful degree of fluffiness. You can add some sesame seeds or any other toppings you prefer.

This is a good bun for ham, bacon, and beef burger patties. Every serving just has 73 calories, 3.1g protein, 3g net carbs, and 2.8g fat. If you want more flavor, you can always add some butter!

Check out the full recipe here

9. Very Low-Carb Hamburger Bun

Very Low-Carb Hamburger Bun

If you only have six minutes available, try making this ketogenic hamburger bun. All you really need are salt, melted butter, flaxseed meal, baking powder, and a large egg. One serving has 425.8 calories with 356 of them coming from fat.

Furthermore, there are less than two grams of net carbs due to the impressive 7.7g dietary fiber. Simply mix the ingredients, put the mixing bowl in the microwave for a minute, let it cool, then slice.

Check out the full recipe here

10) Ultimate Keto Buns

Ultimate Keto Buns

Finally, we’ve got these low-carb buns that can be made using either of two methods. The first uses boiling water while the second method has lukewarm water. Regardless, you’ll have fluffy bread buns.

You’ll need to dedicate an hour, but you’ll have 10 buns as a reward. Every bun only has 4.2g net carbs while having 10.1g protein and 15.2g fat. If you don’t want to use any nuts, use flax meal instead! Also, almond flour is a good substitute for coconut flour.

Check out the full recipe here

In conclusion, you don’t have to worry about hamburger buns if you’re on a keto diet. The solution isn’t always to use lettuce wraps! Instead, try any of these low-carb bun recipes. We’re sure that your tummy will be pleased. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a comment!

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Do you wonder that whether hamburger was dairy-free or not. Don’t be worried because these 10 low-carb hamburger will give you many new ideas to prepare for your ketogenic meals.

You have a busy day, but you still want to maintain your diet. Keto hamburger is the simple idea for you. This list of low carb hamburger bun recipes will help you prepare your meals more quickly.Have you ever thought that hamburger is ketogenic. Trust us, you will believe that hamburger is not only low-carb but also fast with these recipes of keto hamburger bun. It’s time for you to try these 10 awesome recipes.

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These are 10 best low-carb hamburger Bun Recipes that any ketosis should make for your own even for your family.

Do you wonder that whether hamburger was dairy-free or not. Don’t be worried because these 10 low-carb hamburger will give you many new ideas to prepare for your ketogenic meals.