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Hi there, I’m Stacey D.Neth, owner of Diytherainbows.com.

Diytherainbows.com is a Healthy Food website. We focus on bringing our readers relevant and accurate information pertaining to the Ketogenic diet, Paleo, Gluten free. We want our readers to be aware of new research and products relevant to their health on that. We want them to succeed on the keto diet to be a healthier, happier person reaching new levels of energy and life.

We are now accepting guest post contributors for Diytherainbows.com to expand the information given to our readers. However, we won’t just let anyone write for us about any topic. You must pay attention to some simple, yet specific guidelines.

  1. You MUST write on a topic related to the Ketogenic diet, Low carb diets, High fat diets, Paleo, Gluten free or similar diets. If there is another diet, and you can relate it to the Ketogenic diet, we will be open to hearing suggestions.
  2. Other relevant topics are exercise and fitness, weight loss, relevant supplements, overall wellness related topics to a better awareness of self, and healing the body through food.
  3. Not every topic will be permitted and you MUST have the correct voice when writing. We reserve the right to ask for editing to attain the quality we expect (proper grammar, good use of scientific citations, unique articles), or adjust parts of your article prior to publication.
  4. Please contact us at staceydneth@gmail.com with the subject line “Write For Diytherainbows”